Glenbrook Lagoon Storymap: repairing and caring

This storymap explores some of the some of the caring and repairing activities that take place around Glenbrook Lagoon. The lagoon is located in the suburb of Glenbrook, within the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, on the lands of the Dharug and Gundungurra Country. For many generations Glenbrook Lagoon has been a Dharug meeting place.

The lagoon is a natural waterbody that provides habitat for plant and animal life, fed by water run-off from surrounding areas that eventually flows into the Dyarrubin (Nepean) river. Being situated in an area surrounded by housing, the environment has become impacted by pollution, litter, chemical run off and invasive species.

Different communities are actively involved in care and repair for the lagoon everyday by bushcare groups, regular maintenance by council workers, residents and visitor, to more spectacular practices by government, scientists and particular agencies and special programs.

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